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2-hour kayaking tour for 2-person

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Our kayaking route is 10km long and 2-hour lasting tour. Price includes renting complete kayakers' equipment: - modern PE double seat kayak - aluminium paddles - safety jackets - 2-litre waterproof bags Our tours are self-guided, so there will be no guide coming with you. However route is very easy, appropriate even for beginners. Moreover you will be given detailed instructions by our staff before. What is not included in the price is transportation of participants. Instead you can easily access the meeting point with a bus or a taxi/uber. How to prepare for kayaking? Please wear light, cool comfortable non-constraining clothing. For sunny weather please use your suncream, take some water and a piece of headgear. Each kayaking tour takes place from Monday till Friday at 11.30. On weekends tours start at 13.30. See you!

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Plaża Romantyczna, Rychowska 15

05-077 Warszawa

tel: +48 790 275 790

e-mail: biuro@kajakwstolicy.pl

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